HEERABEN MODI DIED? फूट-फूट कर रोए PM Modi 2022!

Our honorable prime minister confirm that his mother HEERABEN MODI , died in gujarat, ghandhinagar . She was active at the age of 100. She used to do all her task by herself. 


 शानदार शताब्दी का ईश्वर चरणों में विराम…. मां में मैंने हमेशा उस त्रिमूर्ति की अनुभूति की है, जिसमें एक तपस्वी की यात्रा, निष्काम कर्मयोगी का प्रतीक और मूल्यों के प्रति प्रतिबद्ध जीवन समाहित रहा है।

Pm modi , after listening news , immediately fly via Delhi to gandhinagar, reached gandhinagar early this morning . He was consol by his family members and brother. It was informed by Modi family member that Heeraban modi ,100 passed away at on Friday,  morning 3:30 am. She was admitted in one of the cardiologist institute. The full name of hospital was ‘UN Mehta Institute of Cardiology and Research Centre’ . 

Hospital staff informed media that, she was admitted in hospital on Wednesday. Her health was deterioting day by day. She was completely unstable , her breath was low, pulses dropped down and she died .

 SOMABHAI MODI with Pm modi and his family members,  are present at HEERABEN modi residence.


On this , 30 December, We will able to see one last time HEERABEN MODI .

May her soul be at peace . Her atma , is now liberated from all humainly , worldy things . 

modi mother


Ultimately one day , each and every human will be a part of panch tatva- space,  air, fire, water and earth. As we see – pm modi mother heeraben modi life has been ended. 


Pm modi blog post reveal us that – HEERABEN life was full of structural and challenges.

She was having ‘extremely difficult’ childhood. Pm modi write that- he has seen her SACRIFICE, PENANCE and CONTRIBUTION, toward her motherland and this inspired him to be a leader.

He also mentioned, the leadership is within him by the grace of her mother. pm modi also says , her mother life was the example of every indian mother life’s story.

In pm Modi’s word-In Maa I have always felt that trinity, which contains the journey of an ascetic, the symbol of a selfless Karmayogi and a life committed to values,”

On her 100 th birthday pm modi wrote – 

“Work with intelligence, live life with purity”.


 Heeraben modi was born on 18 June in Gujarat. She spended her her childhood in visnagar , mehsana , Gujarat. She married to Damodardas Mulchand Modi. Mr mulchand modi was a tea vendor. She stated to live with his husband at Raysan village. Her nebour were Pankaj modi .


When Narendra Modi’s government demonetized the 500 and 1000 notes , Heeraben was in line to deposit her own cash.

Media were in shock , that she is a mother of pm modi . Still , she is in line . On November 18 , in front of atm , her pic went viral all over the internet. 

She was showing to the people of India that his son decision was right. She is with him. She also attracted attention after receiving vaccination of corona virus .

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