New Horror In Delhi Case (JUSTICE FOR ANJALI)

Delhi has become the place of tragedy. Rape , kidnapping , CAR ACCIDENT has become very common. On Sunday , women named Anjali was hit by a car. Hitting a car to men and women is common. But this accident was extremely cruel. Anjali was hit and dragged few kilometers far , until and unless she lost her life (JUSTICE FOR ANJALI) .

She was the only bread buyer of the house. Her father died in 2015 . It was really difficult for her family to survive. She use to work hard to run his family livelihood. Now, her family life’s are also unto stake.

Police told media , it was the area of Sultanpuri of Delhi, where accident had taken place . They also informed, it was an intentional act .
Anjali on her scooter was driving, on a mid – side of a lane . Her scooter was smashed from back . She was fallen down, shmashed , eventually her body hit road skated , till she died by bleeding.



In autopsy report it can be seen clearly that she was not raped . There was no sign of sexual assault. Anjali body was full of injuries, each and every part was bleeding heavily. Her condition was pathetic at the time of death.

Anjali was having a large family, with mom , two sister and a brother. Anjali mom used to work in a school . Her mother started having kidney problem. Due to this problem, she to leave her domestic helper job of school. By this , Anjali became the only bread winner of familly.

We all know that life of middle class people are extremely tuff . Anjali life was same with lot of problems. But she leaned to get out of comfort zone, with confidence she started working after her eighth class only.

This recent event of Delhi has taken life of Anjali . It was really schoking for her family to know about her death . They are now disheartened by this act. They are looking forward to get justice for Anjali. Let us pray that her soul will be at peace .


POLICE has recorded the anjali mother statment, in which she says- ” i have tried phone call in evening, tea time. But she did not picked call of mine . I taught she might be busy in her work. When at ten pm she did not receive my call i was worried. “

Anjali mother said to media that- she got call on Sunday morning by police officers. The call was from police regarding scooty . I confirm then that the scooty belong to my daughter Anjali. I aslo informed all the thing about her that she is missing from last night.


Anjali should definitely get justice . We should not tolerate this type of crime against women. Government must take certain stern action against these time of incidence.


Let us not forget the NIRBHAYA CASE , which occurred in two thousand and twelve. This was the case of rape . The victim was twenty-two , her name was Jyoti Singh . She was a physiotherapy intern. When she was returning from a bus with one of his friend. She was raped by six men brutaly. She was not able to survive for more than twelve days .

This case brought people together and societ was in sock. But this was just only example of case there are many cases which where fought for womens right . These cases help in changing rules and regulations. But we need to understand that until and unless people mindset, behaviour and morality will not change . Women life will be in danger.


The world is changing with its advance technology and new discoveries. But women’s life has not changed. Cases of rapes, dowry deaths are increasing day by day. This type of violence has become common in India and all over the world. It is a Shame on humanity.

Recently in Delhi, the case of human trafficking and brutal murder of women , broke the heart of million Indians. A peaceful protest will not solve the problem. Their should be strict law enforcement. The convict should be punished , in such a way that , no man ever think of these heinous crime.

It is regular seen that for a few days NEWS, are covered, for justice. Then , the world waits for a new crime to take place . This should be changed.
The mentality, mindset, morality should be enculcated in people’s . So that a new momentum, can be brought ,to uproot the social evils like Eve-teasing, body burning, abduction, rape etc.

People efforts and their change in behaviour and thought can change the world for women.


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