UKRAINE-RUSSIA: 400 Russian soldiers were killed by Ukrainian soldiers. Now , the situation has become worse . The weapons used by Ukrainian soldiers were AMERICAN. Russia will definitely not sit back. The situation will force VALADMIR PUTIN to use NUCLEAR tactical weapons. If RUSSIA uses nuclear tactical weapons , there will be more mass scale destruction than we can imagine.

The war is continuing so long . It is now more than 8 months of war. The war impacted all social , political, economic, and cultural aspects, all over the world.


Shortage of food supply all over the world, especially wheat.

Polarity among countries is increasing, one is aligning toward RUSSIA and the other half UKRAINE. But India continuously insists , India is not an ally of any group, it is a partner.

Death and destruction has made Ukraine and Russia in poverty, insecurity among people, fear , loss of faith etc.
Crime rates have been at its peak because each and every commodities prices are increasing.
Russian and Ukrainian people are starving for food .


There are various opinions of people. Both Ukrainian and Russian are supported by certain groups and people . In this war there is no theory such as black and white. People are choosing between black and black.

The most embarrassing thing I saw in 2022 was the Russian army, 2023 has started early to be the Ukrainian army .

Russia showed the world how not to get it done. Bravo on training and housing troops at an ammo depot.

It’s insane….how someone will be hiding in a bloody Bunker…and be sending… innocent people’s children to go out in the cold and die for a senseless war………this is incomprehensible…..

Václav. 1 day ago (UKRAINE-RUSSIA)

I live in a country which was invaded by Russia in 1968 (but technically we were under Russian control from 1945 to 1989). This really put a huge smile on my face. Russian stupidity knows no limits.

The fact that Russia thinks they can attack a country but can’t be attacked on their homeland is baffling.


flier Evans (UKRAINE-RUSSIA)

I hope someone in Ukraine can figure out how to use FPV drones against the Iranian type drone. I’m just a hobbyist FPV drone builder and pilot, I could fly my drone into one of the Russian drones. Imagine a coordinated group with FPV pilots at ready.


I feel torn, I want to see Ukraine absolutely demolish Russia in this war, but these lives lost are still so tragic and preventable. One man has the power to shut this shit down, but his colossal ego is in the way.


Worth every penny. These guys have a lot of America in them.. Unlike most of our allies these guys deserve our help, and have crippled our number 1 adversary with our old inventory G Love it.


Recent reports show that there is a huge tension on the Russia and Ukraine border .

More than 2 million soldiers are short dead in this battle and still continuing.


“Ukraine and Russia share more than hundreds of years of togetherness, livelihood, love , faith , and friendly relationship. But now the situation has changed.”

“For many in Russia and in the ethnically Russian parts of Ukraine, both the countries have certain emotional backsets . Due to which , both of them have grown hatred, enmity among each other. “

“As part of the Soviet Union, Ukraine was the second-most powerful Soviet republic after Russia, and was crucial strategically, economically and culturally.”


“Balance of Power: Ever since Ukraine split from the Soviet Union, both Russia and the West have vied for greater influence in the country in order to keep the balance of power in the region in their favor.”

“Buffer Zone for Western Countries: For the US and the European Union, Ukraine is a crucial buffer between Russia and the West.”

“As tensions with Russia rise, the US and the EU are increasingly determined to keep Ukraine away from Russian control.”


Due to unique physical features, the region of black sea has became one of the essential part fir Russia.

“The unique geography of the Black Sea region confers several geopolitical advantages to Russia.
Firstly, it is an important crossroads and strategic intersection for the entire region.”

“Access to the Black Sea is vital for all littoral and neighboring states, and greatly enhances the projection of power into several adjacent regions.
Secondly, the region is an important transit corridor for goods and energy.”

Way Forward

Both countries’ world leaders should sit down and talk about the border issues. Otherwise one human will engage in third world war. Then there will be no backing .

Russia and Ukraine can also adopt the Minsk peace process to get a solution over a war .

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