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Is Avatar 2 really a film worth watching?

Let me share you my experience of watching avatar2.


Our life is full of miracles ,Avatar is non less. In part one it was all about jungle and it’s adventure. Part two mainly focuses on life in water.

Avatar has all emotional touch, which a movie should have. It teach us about the bond between nature and people of Pandora. The people were known as NAVI . They were ten feet in height. Their skin colour is blue . They are like different species of human. 

They have taken oath to preserve their land and culture. Navi’s believe that there is constant flow of energy from one tree to other , this energy transfer from each and every thing. They need to balance this energy. Other wise everything will be destroy.

They pray , nurish , protect wage war to protect their land and people from humans.

Humans want to expand their territories. The greed of human is endless. Jack sully has understood this. He was also sure that NAVI’S were not going to leave this land of PANDORA.

AVATAR(First Part)

In part one of the film the protagonist jack sully, when visited , got attached to Neytiri. Neytiri trained jack sully and when time came to choose a women. Sully decided to be with Neytiri. Both of them were physically and mentally together. They can understand each other . Netri teaches jack – Language of Navi, climbing a tree, to jump from a cliffs, catching fishes, about plant and animal species . Sully learn to use bow and arrow, ride a creature like horses (called Direhorses), he also wins the trust of NAVI people. In the first part of avatar,  by the help of sully and navi’s clan pandora was saved from humans. The villan of pandora died in the end of part one -Colonel Miles Quaritch Humans in avatar are portrayed as full of geed . In want of money and treasure, they want to exploit pandora. But they forget that, god EWYA has another plans. Humans have their own reason of exploiting pandora. They want to build new settlement for themselves. Since , earth was going to die.  So, humans have only one option to build a settlement in pandora. In the second series in avatar , we see a new avatar of Colonel Miles Quaritch. He was only eager to kill sully. Whole movie revolve around colonel and sully and their revenge.

Avatar 2

The movie start with a peace , natural beauty , greenery, beautiful lights , trees etc. In pandora for decades JAKE SULLY and his family, were living a happy life. Jack and Neytiri both were busy in raising there children . NETEYAM , their big son; the younger than him was LOAK ; also daughter and youngest child, they all were living a blessfull life.

When colonel avatar came in PANDORA. Colonel and several members of the team , landed on pandora base . Where sully with his family and their  clan lives. The conflict was in a way . In exploration colonel and team reach to the place which was between the Jungle where no one was there but the base camp of previous modern man where present. While sully and neytiri’s children and their friends were playing nearby forest they realise that some new creature has arrived in a forest . They seem to be like NAVI’S  but they were not so. SPIDER and his friend understand that it’s time to follow them,  they follow them and ; they reach the base camp of the colonell. The children thought that COLONEL will not able to find them. They can  watch them easily. The children informed their parents that they have seen some other species like them .Then their parents, said them to remain there quietly and watch what is happening.

 But when colonel  found that someone is watching them.  They capture Sully’s son and his friends , after capturing them they are waiting for their team members to come through helicopters, so that they can get them. Team member inform them that they will arrived soon but before they can arrive JACK SULLY family came to rescue their children. SULLY rescue their children easily. ONLY the SPIDER , was captured , who was also colonel son. The COLONEL realizes that it is not easy task to get Pandora’s people down . COLONEL was expecting to kill sully, since he  betrayed him , killed him in part 1 of AVATAR.   ( Now what we are seeing, as a colonel is not the original man . The colonel in avatar 2 is a laboratory made avatar of colonel , who’s brain is feed with original colonel memories).  

 But SULLY realised that they have to do something about their family and clan. So SULLY decided that we need to leave the forest with their GROUP , and Pandora’s people. Sullly  decided – to go to the Pandora’s people, who are living in oceans.

So with his family SULLY and their clan,  they went toward ocean. They reach  to ocean WATER TRIBE. They have to trace a path of  5000 mile to reach.



The VFX of water is marvelous, if you sit in a theatre in 3D then you will find that the water is extremely beautiful . The fishes TULKUN each and every creature is beAutifully created by the director. The seanic  beauty is portrait in such a way that you will not able to lift your eye for a minute . Also you will like to watch the movie again and again because of the real kind of human emotions like Love, anger , hatred , sin, jealousy, betrayal, trust , faith , and bravery. 

DUE  to this unique beauty each and every appearance of fishes creatures, water animals has taken care BY DAVID CAMROON .  The people of ocean used to live a very different life from a NAVI’S of forest land .

When SULLY  and clan reached there . WATER tribe (head of the water tribe ) and SULLY , they started to discuss about themselves . The head of ocean water said SULLY that they will not able to live there. Since both have different lifestyle, they will not able to live their easily . They are thin and weak.  on the other hand,  the people of water are strong. But SULLY says that they are in thread by humans and he want to protect his clan .  Anyhow he want this place to live.  He and his clan will try to adopt as soon as they can. They will also like to learn the skill which ocean people posses . The head of water Tribe let them live their. so SULLY and his clan settled in water.

Soon the forest and water people became friends and they were ready to protect their family and friends. When humans attached then and captured SULLY children. The Navi attached then killed , the man , who wanted to destroy their pandora. At the end of the movie most of the men get killed. Only COLONEL AVATAR was saved by his son SPIDER. 

SULLY eldest son died in a war . But at the pandora people were able to protect their land and save themselves from the humans.

Let’s see in the next part what happens. I am eager to watch part 3 of AVATAR as you are .

Avatar is a series of different movies AVATAR-1 , AVATAR-2, AVATAR -3 ,AVATAR 4 AND AVATAR 5……….. .


The movie avatar has many different type of plant and animal species. They seem to be different, from earth they mesmerized us, when we see the movie in theater. David Cameron has really nailed it. His dedication and hard work is paid of making this series block bustered. 


Pandora crisis maked   SULLY to think about his family and their clan again. He has taken a vow to protected his family and clan . He will do so , till his last breath.



Their are many things about AVATAR , but you will find non about the species of AVATAR. Here you can read all about them .The most amazing feature of NAVI’S  was that , they can connect to each and every plant species by their hair . 


The most intelligent creature underwater they can sing , they are intellectually intelligent than the NAVI’S . once upon a time when TULKUN used to fight among each other and they become threat to the life of a Pandora.  But there was a meeting and they decided that – for the betterment of Pandora they  will not fight among themselves. From that time they become one of the saintly creature of Pandora . They don’t use to fight among themselves or kill anyone .  They are quite peaceful , they now started to love among other creatures.  They were there to spread knowledge music and manyi different things to the people of the NAVI’S.  it is said that TULKUN’S were sisters brothers and many different relations with the people of NAVI’S land and water.


He has legs equal to insects. This organism  is similar to horse . His neck was long like a giraff. And tongue long  in length. Generally likes to eat the things , which is liked by cow and goat.


He can fly like a dragon in a sky. He kills the mans if he feel certain threat. They are the medium of travel for NAVI’S. It’s body line and colour seems to like a lizard , snake or crocodile.


God of all pandora predetar . It is known by Navi that only sum of the ancisties , where able to control them. A THANATOR is really difficult to control. only 5 of the NAVI’S has done so and it is very much sacred,  the people who were able to fly on him where the brave fighters, of the NAVI’S. They were having some different power , warrior quality, faith from God EYWA.

THANATOR is bigger than BANSHREE , but they are having mostly same quality.


Cow like animal having head as a hammer. He can smell the things of far places. He is also having good hearing power. He is having limbs equal to insects.


These are animal used by NAVI’S to kill other animals. They have a specific property of flying like a bird in the surface of the water.

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