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Varanasi Court issue notice for carbon dating ‘sivling’.

Gyanvapi Mosque news today

The news is repeating itself again and again . The news talks about – Varanasi famous mosque:-  Gyanvapi Mosque . The decade after the case was filed by Hindu group to demand ownership of the mosque land, claiming it was built on the remains of the Lord Shiva temple. There were 5 Hindu petitions filed seeking carbon dating methods and among them  4 were accepted by the court.

This now became a battle between Hindu and Muslim groups of people in Varanasi’s court. Now government has order to collect a evidence to clear the matter about the exclamation by Hindu group. The trail of the court is going on in a continuous manner.


Gyanvapi masjid located near Sri Kasi viswanath temple, Varanasi ,UP.  It was constructed by Aurangzeb in 1669 .Aurangzeb decided to demolish an older Shiva temple to build Gyanvapi masjid . 


It is a matter of debate, what existed there. Many scholars argue that before this mosque was built, there was a base structure of Vishweshwara temple . The deity of this temple was lord Shiva.

As per historical records , Vishweshwara temple was built around the sixteenth century. It was built by two people: Todar Mal , he was Akbar finance minister and one of the favorites of Akbar’s court ; and Narayana Bhatta, he was a Brahmin belonging to the head of kashi head priest family.

We all know that Akbar was a liberal person . It was Akbar himself, who gave patronage for Vishweshwara temple.

Allahabad High Court ABOUT THE CASE

The Varanasi’s court order about the Gyanvapi masjid for videography survey, and seeking carbon dating method for evidence to proceed the case forword but the Anjuman Islamia Committee, the Muslim side objected to the demand of carbon dating of the structure claiming its a fountain in the water tank and not a ‘shivling’.

On September 29, The Hindu group had claimed that in the premises near the  “Wazukhana” the “Shivling” was found in a videography survey, which was ordered by the court.


Today ( 14th Oct on Friday) the Varanasi court confirmed that pleas by Hindu petition were accepted and a carbon dating method is to proceed for “Shivling” inside the Gyanvapi mosque claimed by Hindu group. Carbon dating is a scientific process used commonly in Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) to understand the age of an object. 

How can a mosque in India be named as ‘Gyanvapi’?

In 1991, the legal dispute started by advocate VIJAY SHANKAR RASTOGI was filed on behalf of the SWAYAMBHU JYOTIRLINGA BHAGWAN VISHWESHWAR.

In 1780, an Indore queen built a new KASHI VISHWANATH TEMPLE  next to the mosque.

The Sunni WAQF Board has said that they will challenge the order.

  • Special Provision Act During PM Narshimha Rao

The places of worship (special Provision Act, 1991) was enacted during the PM Narshimha Rao enacted with the intention to maintain communal harmony and to preserve and ensure peaceful coexistence. 

  • Varanasi Gyanvapi masjid
  • Sri Krishna Janmasthan ancient temple
  • 27 Hindu, Jain temple in Qutub Minar Complex

what is gyanvapi masjid case

The Varanasi Court issued a notice to the Muslim side, on Hindu side’s plea for carbon dating of ‘Shivling’

Recently Gyanvapi mosque title dispute Various suits for restoration of ancient temple.

Constitutional Provision 

  • Section 3 Ban the conversion of a place of worship.
  • Section 4 Place of worship shall continue to remain the same as it was on 15 Aug 1947


Section 6 If anyone violates this act they have a 6 year impression with fine.


The Gyanvapi mosque survey was conducted on May 16. The Hindu side in the matter has claimed that a ‘Shivling’ was found inside a reservoir on the other hand Muslim calimed that there is ‘Fountain’ .

The Hindus who live near a gyanvapi mosque , started to question muslims, that the place is owned by there chief deity ‘shiva’. The regional people’s conflict reached the police station to court.

Within a few days communal violence spread in different states like jharkhand, uttar Pradesh, maharashtra etc.


This act imposes a positive obligation on the state to maintain the religious character of every place of worship as it existed at the time of independence.


Varanasi district judge Ajaya Krishna Vishvesha, who gave the order in the Shringar Gauri-Gyanvapi masjid lawsuit, hails from Haridwar in Uttarakhand.

Ravi Kumar Diwakar, Varanasi civil judge who had ordered the video survey of Gyanvapi masjid , has been transferred to Bareilly. According to the details, Diwakar is among the 121 civil judges transferred by the Allahabad High Court on Monday evening.


  • The matter is sensitive- the Hindu and Muslim sentiments should not be hurt.
  • The survey should be done, in a detailed manner.
  • Evidence must be collected and preserved . Preservation of historical things is the duty of ASI.
  • A committee will be formed which will submit its report to the court in a sealed envelope.
Gyanvapi Mosque

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