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All facts behind Delhi Liquor Scam!!

  • The Raid by CBI !
  • New liquid police in Delhi by Manish Sisodia and charges!
  • Aap Right or Wrong!
  • The Political Angle between Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal vs BJP!
  • LG vs CBI !
  • AAP vs BJP!

All things were covered in this Article so read calmly each and every fact.

What is the New liquor policy (2021-2022) ? And the reason behind this conference?

Raid by CBI, for an Excise policy Scam by Manish Sisodia of Aam Aadmi party. TMC Partha Chatterjee and his uncovered crores of wealth by his close aide Arpita Mukherjee.

Previously congress were involved in the National Herald case and Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi were questioned for hours.

The policy was changed by Manish Sisodia to make liquor profit to the government but there were lots of differences between “policy making and winning people’s hearts” .

There were lots of mistakes done by Manish Sisodia but still showing their moves were right for development. They were trying to turn the situation into his favour but the fact shows their high level scam. BJP were because there were turning point for they became 2 people down Satyendra Jain and Manisha Sisodia on coming elections in Haryana and Gujarat, Aam Aadmi party have chances to make their party as a national party but now these chances were also gone by their wrong move.

As we talk about the development of the Aam Aadmi party, they did a good job in the education system. This fact is true. But they give lots of free tickets in buses, and taxes due to this create lots of problems for the future. Due to this inflation became high and Delhi will see the same result as Sri Lanka. They did this move to vote and make their party be seated for a long time in Delhi.

Let’s know about Manish Sisodia, the policy maker of liquor.  His portfolio(works) are :- 

  • Public works department 
  • Health
  • Industry
  • Power
  • Home
  • Urban development
  • Irrigation and flood control
  • Water 
  • Local bodies
  • Education
  • Finance 
  • Planning 
  • Land and building
  • Services
  • Vigilance 
  • Tourism
  • Art, culture and language
  • Labor 

 Manish Sisodia is the most important and closest to Arvind Kejriwal

Politics of the Raid!

New (Delhi Liquor Scam) excise policy, of private liquor shops to close due to withdrawals by Delhi Government. The Delhi Government decided to make a new excise policy, so Liquor shops were shut down because of revenue loss. Losses happened to the government due to 1+1 liquor schemes, so the government admitted that they had a “Revenue loss“.

Due to bad policy Liquor Shop were open in residential areas of School, hospital, places of worship and now easily available near by home. That makes people concerned. So people started  opposing Delhi Government Liquor policy and they were angry against the policy of liquor. This shows the system and processes were not followed and due to their scam it affects peoples and intake of children were increased but when policy is stopped then the market price of liquor shops decreased. Due to the behaviour of Delhi Government bureaucracy is not happy they were saying AAP thinks “it is my way or the highway “. 

Lieutenant Governor “Anil Baijal” made allegations that the policies were made without my permission. In this illegal waiver worth RS 144 CRORE. His statement were that :- They were selling BUY 1 GET 1 FREE, DELHI LIQUOR PRICES were also decreased, also LIQUOR HOME DELIVERY were started, LIQUOR SHOPS TIMING were irregular now, ONLINE LIQUOR DELIVERY were started during lockdown, LIQUOR ALLOWED IN DELHI METRO. These things were claimed by LG of Delhi and these things show the bad government policies.

WHERE DID AAP GO WRONG? (Delhi Liquor Scam)

Due to allegations by LG, Manish Sisodia in a press conference says that why LG changed his mind and for whose benefits ? 

LG put some conditions, 2 days before launching the new excise policy.

15 names were included with MANISH SISODIA in FIR by CBI Raid in DELHI EXCISE POLICY CASE .

The excise department gives a waiver in Liquor Shop to open in lockdown  and give free license to them. In AIRPORT LIQUOR SHOPS, the minimum bidding is 30 crores in airport zones but when they fail to get No obligation certificate (NOC) from airport authority then they have to pay back their money .

2.5 MILLION LITERS LIQUOR SOLD IN DELHI, FEBRUARY 2022. Calculation of rate of foreign liquor and remove the charge of import pass fees at RS 50 per case on beer.


MANISH SISODIA makes policy without the approval of LG of Delhi and they gave waiver of 144.36 CRORE on tendered license fees on account of covid-19 (pandemic). Violation of “PRIMA FACIE” and free license to Liquor Shops.

THE EXCISE POLICY 2021-2022! (Delhi Liquor Scam)

This policy allows COMERCIAL ROADS, SHOPPING COMPLEXES, NEAR SCHOOL, NEAR MARKET, HOSPITALS and other places as the standard Rules. The new DELHI EXCISE RULE 51, gives permission for opening new shops in following areas. (Delhi Liquor Scam)

Delhi was divided in 32 ZONES and across the city there were 849 Liquor shops. Around 27 liquor shops were divided in each ZONES into 8-10 wards . (Delhi Liquor Scam)

New liquor policy started to improve the experience of buying liquor and to clean up MALPRACTICE but their work disappointed people. They aim to reduce corruption in Liquor Shop sales. Now Delhi Government exited from this policy. But at that time the government was bidding without 25% VAT on sales while insisting. And license fees were increased highly. They try to boost transparency in the alcohol sales. (Delhi Liquor Scam)

Each and every fact was covered upside down now see what’s the issues between BJP vs AAP?

BJP has issues with Gujarat and Haryana seats in elections so they try to be the true faces of AAP . So they were supporting each and every point of fact and SCAM of Delhi Government. Arvind kejriwal wants to create his party at the national level so he has to win 1 more seat so he tries to make funds from becoming a part of the scam but due to this step his seat was gone in future election so this makes BJP a clean winning party in future election. Because people of India notice each and everything so they can’t be foolish to people. 

Delhi liquor scam kejriwal sisodia
Delhi liquor scam kejriwal sisodia

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